If you are considering about investing into real estate but have nowhere to turn to, why not turn to real estate investing books. There are many successful investors who have shared their success stories in the form of books so others can learn from their experiences.

Here are some real estate investing books you should dive yourself into to help you learn the tips and tricks to real estate investing:

1.   The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing by Ken McElroy

 If there is ever a real estate investing book that can help you turn your cash flow to positive, you should give “The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing” by Ken McElroy a try. You will find this book inspirational and thorough. He has explained difficult theories such as Cap Rates and NOI in great detail. The author has given numerous examples throughout so first-time real estate investors can understand how to make profits.

2.   Building Wealth One House at a Time by John Schaub

There is a wide range of concepts covered in this book. From basics of property management, deal analysis, legal and contracts, anything you wish to learn about real estate investing, you can easily find it in this book.

This book covers the fundamentals of real estate investing. As a person who wants to achieve financial independence through real estate investing, this is the book to read.

3.   Real Estate Loopholes by Dianne Kennedy, Robert T. Kiyosaki & Garrett Sutton

If you are looking for real estate investing books that help outline tax strategies and costs of having a wide real estate portfolio, “Real Estate Loopholes” by Dianne Kennedy, Robert T. Kiyosaki & Garrett Sutton is the book you are searching for. This book teaches you the “secrets of real estate investing” by going into detail, the three keys of profitable real estate investment; selection, taxation, and protection.

4.   The Book on Investing in Real Estate With No (and Low) Money Down by Brandon Turner

Looking for a real estate investing book that covers financing, legal and contracts, and deal analysis? This book by Brandon Turner can help you unlock the secrets of unconventional financing methods to help you purchase real estate in a profitable manner.

5.   Every Landlord’s Legal Guide by Marcia Stewart, Ralph Warner, & Janet Portman

This book is a must-have with every property owner. This is a reference manual designed specifically to highlight the legal issues a property owner faces. This book covers topics such as legal and contracts, and property management.

The book is comprehensive to a great extent. You will find all landlord legal matters such as evicting tenants, rejecting applicants, dealing of security deposits, explained to great lengths in this book.